The city of Tucson has joined a national challenge to conserve water, and residents can sign on to take the pledge through Sunday, April 30.

The 2023 Wyland National Foundation Mayors’ Challenge for Water Conservation asks people to conserve water in a number of tangible ways. Taking the pledge involves answering some simple survey questions about in-home tasks you’re willing to undertake, including:

repairing leaking faucets, sinks and toilets shortening shower times reducing food waste landscaping with native desert plants

The Mayor’s Challenge ranks participating cities. In its population-based category, Tucson currently sits in first place.

If you decide to sign on to the pledge, a prize drawing is included.


Beat the Peak taught Tucson water conservation decades ago

The following video message from Tucson Mayor Regina Romero explains some of the approaches the city has taken to curb water use, including investing in Green Stormwater Infrastructureengineered systems that mimic natural processes to direct runoff back into the ground:

The pledge is available online.

Additional Resources:

Tucson Water has compiled more tips on conserving water in its ‘Guide to Responsible Desert DwellingSign up for Water Matters, Tucson Water’s monthly newsletter