The Tucson Police Department (TPD) responded to a deadly crash on the Nogales Highway.

Officers say this crash happened on Friday, Nov. 3 around 2:19 p.m. at the intersection of East Drexel Road and South Nogales Highway.

A black 2017 GMC Yukon and a white 2018 Chevrolet Silverado were involved. Apparently, emergency crews took the man driving the Chevrolet to a hospital.

According to the TPD, the southbound person driving the GMC Yukon was trying to make a left turn from Nogales Highway, heading east on Drexel Road at the same time the Chevrolet was going north on Nogales Highway.

The driver of the GMC Yukon was cited for “failure to yield when making a left turn at an intersection.”

On Sunday, Tucson police found out the driver of the Chevrolet had passed away.

Authorities say they identified him as 68-year-old Miguel Angel Machado Fuentes. His family was notified of his death.

This investigation remains ongoing.