A son is awaiting a trip back to Tucson after trying to escape authorities grasp’s and fly out of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Public Information Officer Francisco Magos tells KGUN 9 it all started Thursday when 58-year-old Jorge Hernandez didn’t show up to work. That’s when his family went “to his home to check his welfare.”

At the mobile home park on North Fairview Avenue, Officer Magos says Jorge’s family found him dead from gunshot wounds.

According to Officer Magos, investigators narrowed in on Hernandez’s son 29-year-old Piero A. Hernandez as the main suspect.

After getting an arrest warrant for second-degree murder, police went after Piero, soon learning he was on his way to LAX to fly out of America. Officer Magos says the Tucson Police Department shared this information with Homeland Security Investigations members and Customs and Border Protection agents.

Working together, the agencies caught Piero.

Officer Magos confirms the 29-year-old is booked into the Los Angeles County Jail and awaiting extradition back to Arizona.