About 19 percent of Republicans in Arizona voted for Nikki Haley in the presidential preference election on Tuesday.

The chair of the Pima County Republican Party Dave Smith said that wont have an effect on whether former president Donald Trump wins the presidency.

A lot of these people who punched the Biden ticket yesterday, are going to punch the Republican, he said. When the time comes where the rubber meets the road, and thats the general election, its going to be very clear cut.

He said the way they are going to reach out to Haleys voters is by doing meet and greets and events like the one theyre having at the Pima County Fair.

In Tuesdays Democratic presidential preference election, about ten percent of Democratic voters in Arizona voted for candidates other than President Joe Biden.

Smith said President Bidens policies arent working and are going to bring the ten 10 percent of Democrats who didnt vote for Biden to vote for Trump.

Our economy continues to deteriorate, unbridled immigration, which is costing all the working class people, Smith said.

Meanwhile, Legislative District 18 Democrats Chair Larry Bodine said Biden will win over Haleys voters through his policies.

Its definitely an advantage for Democrats. In fact, we welcome all of Nikki Haleys voters, Bodine said. The Democratic Party is actually the true conservative party today. We want to conserve reproductive rights. We want to protect the right to vote.

So far based on the percentages reported, 102 thousand more Republicans in Arizona voted in the presidential preference election than Democrats.

Bodine said reaching out to Haleys voters is key to Biden winning Arizona.

I would happily write them a personal letter, send them a text, send them an email, come over and knock on the door, he said.