Just Between Friends returned to Tucson on Thursday. The pop-up resale is set up in the old Northside Stein Mart building, 4881 N. Stone Ave, near East River Road.

It’s a way for families to save money by buying second-hand. Shoppers can find an array of items: clothes for kids and teens, strollers, toys, books and more.

Stacy Peercy and “chosen sister” Michelle Morton were holed up in a corner of the department store sorting through piles of items.

They’re fourth-time returning customers and say it’s the price that keeps them coming back.

Comparatively, youre going to pay two to three times even at a sale at Target,” explained Peercy. “Im able to get their entire wardrobe in one swoop and then come back six months later and do the next part of the year.

We dont have to bring stuff back and forth between houses because you can get stuff for cheap,” added Morton. “I can have versions of things at my house, and we have versions of things at (Stacy’s) moms house. It just makes it a lot easier for families to support each other.”

The business comes to town twice annually, once in January and once in July. The Tucson base has been around 15 years, and is the 25th largest location out of 150 stores across the country.

“500 families dropped off from Southern Arizona this week,” said Just Between Friends spokesperson Shauna Wilfret. “So those families will be making some money to put back in to their pocket for all those items that their kids have outgrown.”

The organization is not accepting more donations at this time but will again as the July resale gets closer.

Shoppers can buy from Just Between Friends through Saturday. On the last day, merchandise is 50 percent off.