The City of Tucson’s Department of Transportation and Mobility is hosting a pop-up event for the next phase in the El Paso & Southwestern Greenway project.

The pop-up event is happening on Saturday, September 30th, from 9 to 11 a.m. The event is taking place at the Pico de Gallo parking lot on the city’s south side.

According to the department, the El Paso & Southwestern Greenway project is a linear park with a path for walking and biking, that will eventually connect Tucson’s downtown to South Tucson, The Loop, and the area near the Kino Sports Complex.

City leaders are hosting the event to get feedback from the public about the section of the project that will stretch from 6th Avenue to South Kino Parkway.

You can find a map of the entire project here. The entire project is highlighted in green, while the upcoming phase is surrounded by dashes.