A plot of more than 70 acres of land in Avra Valley once served as a popular spot for people to ride ATVs, side by sides, and dirt bikes.

Here is a map of the property.

But now, due to illegal dumping, the out-of-state property owner and the Pima County Sheriffs Department are starting to enforce trespassing laws.

In recent months, the landowner has been receiving citations due to piles of tires, glass, and miscellaneous trash on the land.

In addition to being unsightly, this is costing the property owner and Pima County money to clean up,” Lieutenant Stephen Carpenter with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department said.

Bill Campbell lives out of state and helps manage the property.

The cost has been finding people and paying them to clean it up,” Campbell said.

For a while, Campbell and the ownership group allowed the off-roading activity on the land they’ve owned for twenty years.

But with the population in the area growing, the land is a popular spot for illegal dumping.

Everything from beer to bed springs are scattered around the lot

Theres been a plastic doll house dumped,” Carpenter said.

The Sheriffs office says fines for illegal dumping can get as high as $750 and criminal trespassing can be punished with up to four months of jail.

Its been decades that people have been able to use this land, and its going to be a shock to them they cant use it anymore,” Carpenter said. “But the property owner has rights and we want to help him assert those.

Lieutenant Carpenter says they dont plan on citing anyone in April for trespassing as it will be an educational period.

But starting May 1, full enforcement will begin.

The easiest thing to do is for everyone to respect it as private property, not to dump on it, not to ride on it,” Campbell said. “Please use the beautiful areas the county makes available for off road vehicles.