One of Tucsons favorite springtime events, Cyclovia, has been canceled. While some are down about the loss, the organizers say its for a better longterm outcome.

Emily Yetman is one of the founders of Living Street Alliance, the local nonprofit organization behind the event.

So, a lot of our work is that year-round advocacy and we are in a place where we want to see our streets feel like Cyclovia every day and were working towards that,” said Yetman.

Over a years worth of strategic planning led to the decision of canceling the first Cyclovia of the year.

This allows for more time to focus on building up other programs like Vision Zero, a campaign aimed at eliminating traffic crashes and fatalities.

We love Tucson and its where we want to be, so were thinking about new parts of town that we can maybe bring the event to, new partners to work with,” said Yetman. “We always hear people say, ‘when are you bringing it to my neighborhood?’ So exploring the new possibilities around that.

One Tucsonan, Joseph Duran, has cerebral palsy and told me his electric wheelchair is his main mode of transportation.

He says drivers could be better about sharing the road if open street areas become a normal part of our community.

Duran said, I would like more because that would be nice, because thats showing awareness of people who are disabled like, ‘Hey we could help you?’ You know?

Living Streets Alliance believes the community deserves more events like this, and hopes that they can make it happen in more parts of Tucson with their new plan.

The next Cyclovia is set for October 27 and hte Alliance is calling for Tucsonans to support the event to make it happen.