With the cannabis holiday 4/20 approaching, Stellar Smoke Shop on the Eastside is taking proactive steps to educate its customers.

On Monday, the shop launched its first “Edible Education Class” aimed at informing attendees about the effects and potential risks associated with consuming cannabis-infused edibles.

Event Coordinator Izaak Morhaim expressed the need for better education on consumption.

“I think education is really lacking in the consumption part of it,” he said.

The class covers topics ranging from the effects of edibles to mitigating adverse experiences.

“Some people have panic attacks, some people, they feel like theyre gonna die,” Morhaim said, emphasizing the importance of understanding potential negative effects.

To provide a comprehensive learning experience, the session will feature various edible products from on-site vendors, allowing attendees to sample and identify their preferences.

Additionally, Kelly’s Aromatherapy will be on hand to discuss how CBD can counteract the effects of consuming too much THC.

Looking ahead, Morhaim has ambitious plans for Stellar Smoke Shop’s educational offerings. “I want to do ‘how to roll’ classes, were gonna do ‘how to dab’ classes, we have connoisseur classes planned some cool stuff planned,” he said.

If you plan to go:

Stellar Smoke Shop is located at 1112 S. Wilmot Road Class runs 7 – 10 p.m. Monday, April 15 Class fee $30