It’s a new year and many people are already starting their New Year’s resolutions. But for multiple law enforcement agencies, it’s more than a resolution. It’s about mental health.

Local first responders are gearing up for their annual Pride 4 the Patch competition.

More than 180 people will participate in the fitness challenge starting the week of January 8 and ending the week of March 25.

Over the next three months, those participating will be scored on improving their overall fitness with multiple body composition machines being dispersed throughout the agencies.

“It measures your body fat and it also measures your muscle mass,” Tucson Police Detective Natalie Pike said. “We have an equation that will measure the change, the percentage of change for you and your body fat and in your muscle mass. Obviously, we want you to go down in body fat and up in lean.”

Being physically fit is a key part of being able to respond to emergency situations and an important part of keeping your mind healthy.

“You know, the suicide rates are astronomical…And so, any piece of that that we can bring that down; and physical health, you know, definitely contributes to your mental health,” Pike said.