Votes are coming in from Tuesday’s primary election for the office of mayor and council members for wards 1, 2 and 4.

Incumbent Mayor Regina Romero is unchallenged in the Democratic race. So far, she’s received 35,063 votes.

Mayor Romero faces Republican Janet “JL” Wittenbraker, who is unchallenged as well. Nearly 15,000 people have voted for Wittenbraker.

Candidates Libertarian Arthur Kerschner and Independent Ed Ackerly are also planning on contesting on the ballot in November.

Ward 1

Democrat Miguel Ortega is challenging incumbent Democrat Lane Santa Cruz. Ortega and Santa Cruz have gotten 2,589 4,423 votes each, respectively.

Ward 2

Lisa Nutt is up against Democratic incumbent Paul Cunningham. He’s received 6,331 votes so far, while Nutt has only 1,891.

Ward 1, 2 and 4

The rest of the ward races are uncontested.

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Pima County is reporting an 18% voter turnout, with 90% of votes accounted for.