Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked an entrance to a Raytheon plant on Tucsons Southside Thursday morning.

The action is led by the Tucson Coalition for Palestine, who called the demonstration a die-in.

The protest lasted for an hour and a half and no arrests were made.

We believe that Palestinians deserve to be free and are in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinians,” Alex, the group’s spokesperson said.

She says Raytheon profits from defense systems sold to Israel, which is why they blocked oen of the entrances to one of the plant.

We wanted to show you just cant come in and out of work without some accountability. Raytheon has to know the people of Tucson are not okay with genocide,” she said.

Raytheon declined to comment on the die-in.

Over one-thousand Israelis were reported dead after the October 7 attack.

Since then, the Palestinian Health Ministry has claimed over nine thousand people have died in Gaza as Israel retaliates.

The groups spokesperson did not expressly denounce the Hamas-led attack.

We are not here to make moral indictments on how the people of Palestine choose to defend themselves after 70 years of occupation,” Alex said.

Law enforcement never tried to remove anyone from the road.

Another demonstration is scheduled for this Saturday at Catalina Park in Tucson, according to the group’s Facebook page.