A reconstruction project on the I-10 between Ina and Ruthrauff Roads means closures and traffic in the surrounding areas. This has become a problem for local business as access has been more difficult.

For one business, You Got It Barbershop, the owners have been struggling since construction started.

Its not business at all anymore. Having 5-10 haircuts a day wont make the bills, said Maria Lavin.

Lavin and her sister Lina Vasquez have been the owners of their barbershop for 17 years. Before they opened the shop at the location theyre in now, they had a shop on Ina Road. They described how customers have been feeling with the amount of traffic build-up in the area.

They just dont bother. Some people are tired. They want to go straight home and they just are not wanting to deal with traffic. Thats just the main thing, said Lavin.

Another business on Orange Grove Road, SpiritsChild Metaphysical Shop, has a more optimistic outlook on the situation.

Roads represent the path we travel so the fact that theyre redoing the roads means that things are going to be a lot easier when theyre done, said owner Aitreya.

She said this is a destination shop meaning the customers come for the unique attractions.

She believes soon enough, people will adjust to the inconveniences from construction.

People are going to find the easiest route for them. It would be different if we were talking six months, but were talking two years I believe, said Aitreya.