In May of 2022, Tucson voters approved Proposition 411, a neighborhood street improvement project. The project is expected to deliver better road conditions and safer streets.

Over the next ten years every neighborhood street in Tucson will be touched- they will be improved in some way,” said Ward 3 Councilman Kevin Dahl.

The funding comes from the program known as “Tucson Delivers Better Streets” which is a 10-year half-cent sales tax extension. This is expected to dedicate $740 million to street safety projects.

Mayor Regina Romero commented at a kick-off event for Prop 411 Thursday morning, I am so happy that we are finally putting our money where our mouth is.

The funding will be divided with 80% going toward neighborhood streets and 20% going toward safety projects. Some of these safety projects include work toward better bike networks, traffic signals and accessibility.

The plan is to begin with resurfacing neighborhood roads and completely reconstructing roads in worse condition.