New evidence has been released in the upcoming second-degree murder trial of Santa Cruz County rancher George Alan Kelly.

According to court documents obtained by KGUN 9, prosecutors plan to use Kelly’s own text messages against him.

Kelly is accused of killing a man from Mexico on his Kino Springs Ranch in January.

According to Santa Cruz Superior Court documents, prosecutors are asking the judge to admit Kelly’s text messages.

In one text, Kelly says he put 27 migrants in the ground, according to court documents, following up with, “Growin Daisies.”

Another text, according to court documents, said Kelly dealt with 33 migrants and his AK was “hot.”

He referred to being locked and loaded, the court documents said, and his “AK gtn a lot of work.”

Kelly is charged with one count of second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault, but contends he only fired warning shots at migrants crossing his Kino Springs Ranch.

His wife, Wanda Kelly, said he patrolled the property with an AK-47.

In a deposition, Wanda Kelly said her husband told her he regularly shoots warning shots.

She went on to state, “It’s possible there were nine shots and ‘I did not hear any shots other than Alan’s.'”

Prosecutors say the text messages demonstrate Kelly’s state of mind before a migrant was killed on his property.

The defense contends the text messages were just a “friendly chest-beating between men.”

The judge is expected to rule on whether the texts will be admissible during a hearing tomorrow.

Kelly’s trial is schedules for Sept. 6 in Nogales.