One Purple Heart veteran, his wife and three kids received keys to their brand new mortgage-free home today. A combined effort from Building Homes for Heroes and Pultegroups Built to Honor Program made it all possible.

In 2008, Army Staff Sergeant Christopher Liby was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED) while on patrol in Afghanistan. He was thrown about 150 meters away from his humvee, leaving him unconscious. After regaining consciousness, he saw his vehicle flipped over and burning with his fellow soldiers inside. He selflessly ran to their aid and led them to safety.

Staff Sergeant Liby was left with permanent nerve damage, a traumatic brain injury, carpal tunnel and degenerative disk disease caused by fractures to his neck and lower back.

It’s so reassuring that people appreciate all that Ive done. My soldiers, marines, airmen, seamen. Its just nice to know that were appreciated for all that we do,” said Staff Sergeant Liby.

Staff Sergeant Liby says the nonprofits he volunteered at encouraged him to apply for the Home Award Program with Building Homes for Heroes and even wrote letters of recommendation.

Last June, he and his family got the news that they were accepted.

Kimberly Vesey, president and general council of Building Homes for Heroes tells me this is the 370th home theyve gifted to a hero. She confirms that theyll gift 20 more homes by the end of the year, in partnership with the Pultegroup.

A home is everything,” said Vesey. “So, the fact that we are able to gift another family with that foundation and let them thrive from there is just an amazing gift.

With this fully furnished, brand new and mortgage-free home, the Liby family is stress-free and overjoyed. Staff Sergeant Liby tells me that his family will be provided for even when hes gone.

It was something I loved to do,” Staff Sergeant Liby said. “Serving the country, I loved to do, chose to do. So, I didnt really feel I was worthy of it. So, when I did apply and I did not expect to get it.

As the Liby family steps into their brand new home, they have the unwavering support of a grateful nation right there with them.

If you or someone you know qualifies for the Building Homes for Heroes “Home Award Program” you can apply here.