The Santa Cruz County Sheriff is sounding the alarm over radio equipment that is expiring soon.

Hes asking the state for $1.5 million for help with upgrades as local budgets are tight.

Some of the companies no longer make the equipment they have, making it hard to replace.

Were down to buying parts off of eBay to keep the system working,” Sheriff David Hathaway said.

He’s hoping the money can come from the state’s border security fund.

The Nogales Police Department just received $10 million from the same pool of money.

Lizbeth Huerta, a dispatch supervisor, says if the main tower is hit by lightning the entire system is at risk of failing.

It would be a safety hazard to the entire community,” Huerta said.

A spokesperson for Governor Hobbs told KGUN 9 they have received the Sheriffs request and it is currently under review.