It was a warm day, but if you braved the heat for a hike, you would have noticed a lot of shade from the clouds overhead.

Today in Tucson we got to a high of about 101 but as we go into tonight we will be hitting temperatures in the eighties around 9 P.M.

Today parts of Southern Arizona saw rain, but not so much in the Tucson metro area. That rain kind of formed a circle around the Tucson metro area where it hit parts of our region like Sells and Arrivaca, just not Tucson.

However, we will see some rain tomorrow afternoon going into the early night hours in Cochise County and a little bit in Tucson. A lot of that rain is coming up from Mexico.

That same trend of rain in the afternoon and early evening hours continues on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, parts of Cochise County will see rain and maybe some parts of Tucson, but it will go away really fast.

Tomorrow’s high in Tucson will be the same as today, about 101 degrees. Heading into the rest of the week in Tucson, we’re going to heat up on Thursday but that rain will bring us back down next weekend.

In Sierra Vista we see that same trend of heating up on Thursday before going down the rest of the week.

Remember your sun block but also keep an umbrella close by!



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