One developer is seeking to rezone a section of land at the corner of Tangerine and Rancho Vistoso in Oro Valley to allow for high-density housing.

However, some residents in the nearby area oppose the idea.

“The housing and the density that you want to shove into this intersection to me just does not make sense,” said one resident via Zoom during a neighborhood meeting.

The battle has been ongoing for two years for residents who oppose the proposal.

“I am one hundred percent in disagreement with the high-density housing there,” said resident Marcus LeBaron.

If approved by the council, the developer, Paradigm Land Design, plans to build more than 200 high-density single-story rental homes.

They say the development would provide much-needed housing for those who want to call Oro Valley home.

Many of those in opposition have cited traffic concerns at an intersection they say is already riddled with drivers.

“It’s already a tangle zone. There’s at least an accident a week between Woodburn and Tangerine,” said Rick Bolash, a nearby resident.

While traffic seems to be a concern for many, others feel it’s a foregone conclusion that the land in question will be used.

“It’s naive for the town to think that this will not be developed,” said another resident via Zoom.

Though if they had their choice, it would be developed for something other than housing.

“If we want to maintain the quality of traffic and life, not the frustration of a big city, I still feel this would be a great place to buy and turn it into a park,” suggested one resident.

The next neighborhood meeting for the proposed project will happen on November 9.