As rattlesnake season slithers through Arizona, residents are facing not only the danger of venomous encounters but also the potentially hefty bills that come with treating a snakebite.

In Pima County alone, the average cost to treat a rattlesnake bite is $124,000, according to the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center.

Geoffrey Smelski, Clinical Education Director at the Center, said theres a few different reasons why your hospital bill can be so expensive.

“So a bunch of different things go into what that ultimate bill ends up being,” Smelski said. “The antivenom’s part of it, and there’s a big range in how many vials people get. Some people might get as low as 10 vials, some people like a size 30 or more. But the biggest driver is probably two factors: whether or not you get transferred between two different hospitals, which adds some charges because sometimes you’re getting flown, which is a rather expensive medical thing to do, or it could be the length of time that you’re in an ICU.”

Smelski also mentioned the average expenses incurred, which include approximately $60,000 for a two-day stay in the ICU, varying costs for 18 vials of antivenom depending on the hospital and considerations regarding the patient’s pre-existing health conditions.

Insurance coverage fluctuates, ranging from $500 to $30,000 or even $40,000 depending on the individual’s insurance plan.

To avoid a rattlesnake bite remember to stay aware of your surrounding so you can avoid a potentially hefty hospital bill.