As the weather heats up, more rattlesnakes are coming out.

Arizona usually sees about 200 rattlesnake bites a year, according to the Banner Poison and Drug Center.

They usually give you a warning, but theyre sometimes hidden in plain sight and not making any noise.

But either way, the way you react could decide your fate.

Every time I stop, Im no longer a threat, said Jeff Carver with Animal Experts.

Carver said if you encounter a snake, you shouldnt run away. Instead: Freeze. Just stand perfectly still.

A rattlesnakes rattle is warning you to back off.

Rattlesnakes are movement-oriented, and they’ll lose interest in you once they feel you’re not a threat, said Carver.

Carver said a common mistake people make is walking outside with their headphones in and playing music too loud. This could cause them to miss that warning.

It’s better safe than sorry because if you get involved with a rattlesnake and you don’t know what you’re doing, guaranteed it’ll ruin your day, said Carver.

The venomous bite can put you or your pet in the hospital.

Thats why Animal Experts hold a snake avoidance training for dogs across the metro area.

An after-bite vet bill is an average $5,000, said Chelsea Richardson with Animal Experts.

The course focuses on sound, sight and scent.

We have its tail taped so its not giving a buzz because thats not something we can always rely on, said Richardson.

They use both fake and real snakes to teach the dogs to avoid them in general.

Carver recommends always keeping your dog on a leash and being alert when you take your walks outside.