The Reid Park Zoo says young Penzi will be a big sister in about a year’s time.

Sharing their big announcement with the public via social media Thursday, zoo staff says elephant mother Semba is expecting a new calf to add to her growing herd.

Not only will this birth have a big impact on elephant conservation and strengthening the elephant species survival plan for the next generation, but it also strengthens Reid Park Zoos family herd structure every member of the herd will have a role in raising this new baby, Cassie Dodds, Elephant Care Supervisor, said.

Elephant gestation lasts between 22 and 24 months, the zoo says, and Semba is currently about halfway through her pregnancy.

The new calf will be Semba’s third. Her firstalso Reid Park Zoo’s first calf born on-locationwas Nandi in 2014, then now-three-year-old Penzi followed.

Im looking forward to seeing how Penzi responds to her new role as a big sister, said Dodds. Nandi immediately took on a nurturing role when Penzi was born and this new arrival will give Penzi an opportunity to grow her skills caring for a younger calf.

The zoo says the Animal Care Staff is monitoring Semba’s weight and vitamin intake, and will do regular blood work during the pregnancy.