Reid Park Zoo’s 7-year-old female squirrel monkey Dazzle passed away Tuesday due to complications with a pregnancy, zoo spokespeople shared Thursday.

The zoo has one remaining squirrel monkey, Parker. Zoo staff say the 5-year-old male primate was the father of Dazzle’s baby.

According to Reid Park Zoo, Dazzle’s labor began Monday night, after which time she began experiencing symptoms displaying distress. Dazzle was being monitored 24-hours per day by the zoo’s animal care team, both before and during her labor.

The zoo’s veterinary team decided after examination and consultation with the Squirrel Monkey Species Survival Plan Advisor to move forward with emergency cesarean section. Attempts to resuscitate the baby, whose heartbead did not appear on an ultrasound prior to the operation, were unsuccessful.

While the zoo says Dazzle’s surgery was “successful,” she was unable to recover. The team says a full necropsy should reveal the cause of both deaths.

The entire team is deeply saddened by this loss, said Animal Care Manager Adam Ramsey. I want to take a moment to thank the keepers for their diligent work caring for Dazzle during her pregnancy and preparing for her to give birth, and to the veterinary team for their tremendous efforts to see her through labor.

According to zoo, a conversation to find an additional companion or companions for Parker began immediately following Dazzle’s death. Reid Park Zoo uses guidance provided by a Species Survival Plan, managed through the Association of Zoos & Aquarium for population management oversight.

As of now, there is no exact timetable for bringing new squirrel monkey companions to the zoo.

In July of 2022, another of Reid Park Zoo’s then-trio of squirrel monkeys, 8-year-old Glitter, passed away following possible complications of COVID-19.