The Reid Park Zoo animal family is growing by two. The zoo recently welcomed two blue duikers.

Blue duikers are tiny antelope native to Africa. According to the zoo, they tend to live in monogamous pairs throughout their lifespan, foraging for fruits.

The new additions will share a habitat with the ring-tailed lemurs. Zoo staff say the blue duikers named Viazi and Marigold are more likely to be spotted during the morning hours.

Marigold is a 10-month-old female duiker and hails from the Maryland Zoo. Viazi is a 2-year-old male and comes from the San Antonio Zoo.

Zoo Animal Care Manager Adam Ramsey says the pair have grown close since arriving in Tucson.

“The male was a bit shy at first, so the animal care team has been working to slowly help them get adjusted to their new home. To see those adorable little faces and know they represent important conversation work to help sustain their species is uplifting,” Ramsey said.