Since 1919, people have honored veterans at the annual Tucson Veterans Day Parade.

Veterans Day is about old veterans past and present, and what they represent the freedoms that they protect, said Gary Smith, an Air Force veteran and member of the Arizona American Legion.

This parade features over 60 groups, including the American Legion, to JROTC programs, from local high schools.

The Grand Marshals are Vietnam Veteran Juan Rodriguez and World War 2 Veteran Harper Coleman.

Bill Schaeffler, an Army veteran, says he honors veterans who paved the way for him.

You see, someone wearing one of those black hats that says Vietnam or World War II, you might get lucky. And just thank them for the fact that, that we live in a free country. And it is entirely on the shoulders of those who went before us, said Schaeffler.

And he is proud that people like Coleman and Rodriguez stand up for freedom.

That every day, that we get to breathe and vote and love on our children doesn’t come along unless someone was willing to stand up and say hey, you could just leave us alone and let us go about our business, said Schaeffler.

Thomas Johnson drives a Jeep in the parade to honor his late father, who passed away in 1989 and served in the Korean War.

My father served and he almost lost his life over it. And I think I’m just trying to give back in honor of him. What he went through, said Johnson.