Theres more good news about a mission to sustain Davis-Monthan after the Air Force retires the A-10. Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego says he got further assurance from the top General in the Air Force about the bases future.

Representative Gallego questioned Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles Brown about plans for the base during a hearing by the House Armed Services Committee.

The Air Force plans to bring to DM new aircraft and new missions, including what the Air Force calls a Special Operations Power Projection Wing.

Gallego says the need for special operations airmen should keep DM a busy base far into the future.

I’m the former chairman of Intel special operations. The future fight, which I hope doesn’t happen when it comes to China, is going to require a lot of special operations capabilities. The Air Force is going to be very key to that. And so I think the investments are going to be necessary in order for us to have a competitive edge against China and are going to end up being made at DM.

Gallego served in the Marines as an infantryman. He says A-10s helped him and his unit in some dangerous momentsand he thinks the A-10 should still have a role in conflicts that suit the A-10s abilities. But as of now the Air Force plans to retire all A-10s in six years to make room in the budget for other programs.



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