Congressman Juan Ciscomani visited Casa Alitas Migrant Shelter hours after Title 42 was lifted.

According to Ciscomani, the center processed over one thousand people within the first 24-hours that the covid era policy was lifted.

Ciscomani said, they have the capacity for 300 beds but at any given time especially in the last 24 hours, they have processed over a thousand people through that facility so quite above and beyond what their capacity is. Some people stay for a few hours, some people stay for 3 days.

Ciscomani says the influx is what was expected by local officials but the staff is overwhelmed with the influx of people. He also noted that many single people usually end up in Casa Alitas as opposed to families.

Ciscomani did mention the newly signed Secure the Border Act, passed by the House on Thursday.

He says, this act, what it does is add more resources to our border agents. They are overwhelmed. The border patrol, CBP, they are overwhelmed in so many aspects so it adds more resources to them. Technology specifically so they can multiply their efforts. It also addresses loop holes and gaps that the asylum process has.