Two days after the House voted to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Juan Ciscomani (R-6) is back in Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District.

A strong ally of the former Speaker of the House, Ciscomani tells me today at his midtown office he believes the move to unseat McCarthy as the lower chamber’s leader was all unnecessary.

“I think it was a big mistake for eight Republicans to side with all the Democrats to get rid of the speaker,” says Ciscomani.

In just his first term as congressman from a disctrict that covers the eastern portion of Pima County and most of Southeastern Arizona, Ciscomani had developed a strong relationship with McCarthy, even bringing the former speaker to Cochise County in mid-February to see the border firsthand.

Ciscomani says the ouster of McCarthy is an historic moment that should have never happened.

“That was wrong. Nevertheless we’re here and now we have to see what is next,” says Ciscomani.

What’s next is a speaker candidate forum next Tuesday, followed by a potential vote on a new speaker on Wednesday.

Ciscomani says once a speaker is selected, they have to get back to work immediately, with yet another deadline looming to pass a government spending bill.

Back in Tucson, Ciscomani says his constituents are getting fed up with what’s going on Washington.

Pat Parris: “Are you getting the sense that people are frustrated with Congress in general?” Rep. Ciscomani: “One hundred percent, and I agree. I’m completely right there with them on this. Washington is completely broken, Pat. I mean there’s no question about it.”

Ciscomani tells me he’ll work with the next speaker to try help fix what’s broken in the legislaturealthough he wouldn’t commit to who he’ll support as the next speaker.

He says after the budget, they have to address the border.

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