The mission of the Barrio Restoration project is to restore respect in South side and South Tucson neighborhoods by getting the community involved in caring for the appearance.

David Garcia started the project five years ago with his family and described the importance of appearance when it comes to respect for a neighborhood.

Just along the streets weve got knee-high weeds, people are throwing trash, and along with that, I feel like theres no respect in the neighborhood. With the hood being dirty, its a representation with the people as well, said Garcia.

He’s used his landscaping experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for being a part of change to teach and inspire others. When it comes to doing what he believes needs to be done, he just does it.

The city is very supportive, however, if we want to see it get better, its going to have to happen through the people, he said.

Through community clean-ups, he’s been able to communicate his message, “Respect, don’t neglect the hood.” He’s even made signs at the entrance of the Fairgrounds Barrio to show his commitment.

In addition to the signs, there’s a space that represents the community efforts with plants grown by neighbors and pots painted by local artists. His cousin Angel Garcia joined the project looking for work but quickly noticed the need for change.

We are making a commitment to the community to make it grow. We need their help, said Angel Garcia.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time has the chance to join the Barrio Restoration clean-ups every Thursday in August. The clean-ups start at 6 PM and the community can meet at La Mariposa Park at 301 E. Aviation Dr.