With a sign reading Ride of Silence trailing behind his bike, Damion Alexander lead about one hundred bicyclists at Reid Park on an eight mile ride.

In his fifty years of riding bikes, hes ridden with people who have passed away in bicycle-related crashes.

Theres way too many people who arent making it home, he said.

The Ride of Silence was a reminder to him of all the people he has known who have lost their lives. It was a way of honoring them.

For us to remember those who have passed away and also those who have been gravely injured while cycling, he said. It brings the community together.

He said the ride started in 2002 and he said there are over 200 rides around the world every year on May 15.

The Tucson Police Department rode with the bicyclists for safety.

TPD said so far this year there have been 4 deaths that resulted from bicycle-related crashes in Tucson. They said last year at this time there were only two.

However they said in 2023 there were seven total bicycle-related crashes ending in deaths.

TPD said they’re using A 40 thousand dollar grant from the Governors office of Highway Safety to patrol areas with the most crashes. They said theyre looking out for people who are speeding and driving distracted in hopes of curbing deaths.

Nate Davis rode a bike with dates of when people died in bike-related crashes.

It demonstrates all of the casualties that have happened throughout Arizona between 2009 and today, Davis said.

The Arizona Department of Transportation says its a law that cars have to be at least three feet away from bicyclists.

Make sure that youre being careful of everyone and giving everyone space, and just treating everyone as individuals that are on the roadway. Were all here, were all family, Davis said.