Dianna Holman wants to make lasting change for her community.

I would have loved to know that I could just get on the shuttle and pay a few bucks and end up going to Walmart and doing my shopping,” said Holman.

Holman has been driving trucks for her entire adult life, which is where the idea of Rio Rico Rides came from.

But the bigger need, in her eyes, is in her community that doesn’t have a public transportation system.

It comes just out of my own desperation when I needed it and it wasn’t there,” said Holman on her inspiration.

Busses run from the DeConcini port of entry to businesses like Walmart. But for people outside of that area, it can be expensive to get a ride.

I think a taxi charges $25,” said Holman.

The most expensive fare for Rio Rico Rides is $10 one way. With fares as low as $5.

And her goal is to make transportation more accessible for parents and workers in need.

To contact Rio Rico Rides, the phone number is (520) 820-9152.