In Tucson, the annual homelessness count reveals a concerning 60% increase over the past five years, prompting residents to voice their concerns.

Liz Thorpe, a resident of the Stella-Mann neighborhood, said, “The first month I was here, I was broken into three times. She described homeless individuals setting up camps and loitering, highlighting instances of people sleeping openly in alleys.

“They will just sleep out! Have their sleeping bag and just sleep out in the wide open,” Thorpe said. Building a camp right on the sidewalk; it just shocks me to see that, and that its allowed.

Thorpe admitted hesitancy in reporting to authorities due to the sporadic nature of the situation. “It’s so sporadic that one minute the whole place is overrun by homeless, and the next day theres no homeless,” she said.

Her major concern revolves around the aftermath left for residents to clean up, describing the area as filled with garbage and abandoned shopping carts. Living in fear, Thorpe said, “Yeah, it does scare me.”

In response to Thorpe’s concerns, the City of Tucson made a statement, saying:

Number one, if its a criminal issue, dial 911. Number two, if you see something that has to do with the homeless encampment, report it on the reporting tool, and well get resources allocated to it as best we can.