The Tucson Roadrunners hosted its annual Hockey Day in Southern Arizona on Saturday, Feb. 24, a play off of Hockey Night in Canada.

Arizona Coyotes and Tucson Roadrunners alumni gathered here in Tucson to suit up and play against the University of Arizona Wildcats.

“We’re just going to be having fun and it’s a good thing for the alumni,” Former Arizona Coyote, Jason Demers said. “We get to play against the kids, hopefully getting them smiling a little bit and teach them a thing or two.

For some of these alumni, playing in a hockey game isn’t something they’ve done in a while.

I would say that would be a major concern in the locker room for the alumni,” Former NHL player, Mike Commodore said. “I dont skate much anymore, so Im going to try keep it simple, keep those guys to the outside and have fun.

Thats maybe where we can get our one advantage, is that weve been skating every day and they havent, so that maybe where we can come out fast on them,” Arizona Wildcats’ Will Josephson said.

Josephson was born and raised in Arizona, so a lot of these alumni are players he grew up watching.

Shane Doan came, thats pretty crazy because hes obviously the face of Arizona hockey and a role model for everybody looking up,” Josephson said.

If the last name Doan sounds familiar, it’s because his son, Josh Doan plays for the Tucson Roadrunners.

Oh, this is fun,” Shane Doan said. “I mean its a good cause, obviously Im a big fan of Arizona hockey and helping with the U of A is pretty special.

While the alumni had some pregame jitters, they were still able to win big, beating UA 8-2.

But Doan thinks the Wildcats weren’t fully pressing on the gas.

They’re taking it really easy on us. Theyre laughing and smiling and joking with us when they have a chance, so its just great,” he said.

To top off hockey day in Southern Arizona, the Roadrunners hosted Bakersfield wearing throwback jerseys.

All proceeds from the jerseys sold will benefit the UA hockey team.



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