Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. was in Cochise County on Tuesday to see and hear what impact the increased activity at the southern border is having on communities.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels hosted the visit that included a roundtable discussion with community leaders and law enforcement and a trip to the border. The sheriff said it’s important for people to see what is happening in the area because smuggling continues on a daily basis.

This goes on everyday. Sadly somewhere in the county were addressing smuggling, Dannels said. “But were doing everything we can to bring attention to it while D.C. worries about being reelected.

He said more than 2,000 people have been charged with border-related crimes over the last two years. Kennedy listened to ideas and concerns from police chiefs, mayors and businesses from across the county. Some said they want the federal government to close the border, except for legal entrydining, shopping and legal means of seeking asylum.

“I’m an advocate for wide gates for people who come here legally, but we shouldn’t be letting any body in here illegally,” Kennedy said.

He noted that one of the takeaways from the conversation was how dangerous the roads can be because of high-speed chases between law enforcement and smugglers. Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre told the presidential candidate that 13 Cochise County residents have died as a result of these chasesdespite not being involvedover the last two years.

Suzanne Harvey, Huachuca City Town Manager, shared that of those deaths was that of an elderly woman who was well known in her town emphasizing that smuggling-related chases affect more than those involved as drivers or passengers.

It impacts all of us,” she said. “I dont have any solutions. There are people smarter than me that can figure out the solutions. But what I know is its impacting the lives of the folks that live here and not in a good way. And we need help. We need resources.

After the more than hour-long discussion, Kennedy told KGUN there are immediate changes that can be made and that should be made.

The short-term solution is the President of the United States should re-implement [laws] that allow the border patrol to do their job and turn back illegal immigrants at the border, he said.

KGUN asked the presidential candidate if he’d make the changes he thinks are need, to which he responded “yes, on day one.”