There are many things to think of during the holiday season. After the cards, presents and decorations, the gift of a blood donation may not be on your list.

The Red Cross is hoping you’ll be willing to share that life-giving gift.

Monday, the organization held a blood drive at the Westin La Paloma Resort in the Foothills. Southeastern Arizona Congressman Juan Ciscomani (R – 6) was one of the people ready to help.

“I think everyone should be here that is able to be here,” says Ciscomani. “I just learned that only 30% of the population is eligible to donate blood and only 10% out that 30 actually do. So I think anybody that is able to should come over and donate blood. This is the time where they need it the most.”

Even though blood donations may drop off during the hectic holiday season, the ongoing need does not.

If you’re interested in donating bloodnot only during the holidays, but any timeyou can schedule an appointment at a donation center near you online at their website here, or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS. There are multiple donation centers around Southern Arizona.

Their website,, allows you to select a time and location convenient to you: