The Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair is going on all weekend long.

Theres over 40 food vendors. One of them is Ry’s Snacks.

Ryan Ogurk has been in business for 10 years, popping up with his popcorn at events all around Tucson.

He has flavors ranging from butter to cotton candy.

He pops his popcorn in the week leading up to the street fair in his popcorn room at his house in Marana.

More than just good popcorn has been keeping him in business for a decade.

I am known for my smile,” Ogurk said.

For Ryan, starting a business, and having to sell to people across Tucson felt like a big risk.

Im autistic. Im not really very social,” he said.

But popping popcorn has helped Ryan pop out of his shell.

Ill always sell you a bag of popcorn,” Ogurk said. “Thats easy. Ill always sell you popcorn.

But Ry also says having autism has its advantages.

Once I get the hang of something, I can keep doing it over and over again. So with popcorn, once I know the recipe, I can remember and do it over again just like riding a bike,” Ogurk said.

The business though would not be possible without family support, especially from Ryan’s mom, Chris.

“She is the best mom on earth, Ogurk said.

Chris is always lending a helping hand.

Im just proud of him, this has been his dream since high school, and hes persevered,” Chris said.

On Sundays, Ryan and his mom run their popcorn cart outside of their home in Marana.

And theyre ready for ten more years of business.

I dont know many people who have come as far as I have with the popcorn,” Ogurk said.

If you cant make the street fair, you can order Ryan’s popcorn online at his website.