The Southern Arizona Chapter of the American Red Cross is collaborating with Emergency Management in La Paz, Pima and Yuma counties in preparation for Tropical Storm Hilary.

Volunteers and staff are ready and on standby to help people who may be displaced by the storm.

The collaboration created a list of tips to prepare:

Create an evacuation plan: Have an emergency plan for you and your family in case you are separated. Know your evacuation plan and be sure to include provisions for pets too. Build an emergency kit: Make an emergency kit with essentials like a gallon of water per person per day, non-perishable food, a first aid kit and more. For suggestions on what items to include in your emergency kit check the American Red Cross website. Stay informed: Know how local officials in your area will contact you during a disaster and how you can receive important information.

People in Southern Arizona should be extra cautious of unpredictable flash floods. Only 6 inches of water can knock you off your feet, and 12 inches of rushing water can carry away most cars.

Here are some safety tips for dealing with flooding:

Turn around, don’t drown: Avoid driving through flooded roads, turn around and find an alternate route. Follow evacuation routes: Do not attempt shortcuts, they could be blocked. Stay away from floodwaters: Keep children and pets away from dangerous areas. Beware of wildlife that has been displaced and are near flooded areas. Report downed power lines: Call the utility company and avoid any water near a downed power line.

For more information on how to stay safe during the upcoming storm, or for information how you can help others in your area, go to the American Red Cross website.