On Tuesday, June 10, the Sahuarita Town Council unanimously approved a $66 million General Obligation Bond package.

The bond package will be put in front of voters in November on the general election ballot.

If passed by voters, the bond would be used to fund $77 million of various projects.

The largest project is a new multigenerational recreation center, which will be accessible to the entire area. This stands in contrast to other centers that require users to be a part of an HOA within Sahuarita.

The town is still deciding on the location of the recreation center. A primary consideration is 15 acres located inside the Man in the Maze Park on parcel 30. However, Rancho Sahuarita would first need to donate the plot of land to the town.

Additional projects funded by the bond include:

Multigenerational Recreation Center – $48 million Sports Court Complex (Pickleball, Handball/Racquetball – $2.97 million Town Hall Remodel – $7 million Police Department Building Expansion – $7.50 million Public Works Maintenance Building – $4.94 million Anamax Park Field Improvements – $2.10 million Trails Development – $1 million Contingency Fund (applicable to any project mentioned above) – $1.89 million

According to the council’s presentation, the General Obligation bond package would cost Sahuarita taxpayers $17.12 per month, or $205.44 per year.

If passed, the series of project would begin with the police department building expansion and the construction of the recreation center, which would begin in 2026.

The rec center would take about 36 months to complete, while the police department would take about 18.

The public works building and Anamax Park improvements would both begin in 2027 and both take about 18 months to complete.

Town Hall renovations would be completed toward the end of the bond projects timeline in 2032, taking about 24 months to complete by 2034.

The variety of projects funded by the bond was decided through an online survey conducted February 12 through March 3 by Denver-based NPoint.