“Salpointe Rise Above” is the adopted slogan at Salpointe Catholic High School in Midtown as they prepare to rebuild a section of the school damaged by arson last summer.

“I think its really a testament to the Salpointe community,” said Brandy Rogers, who has two children attending the school.

Rogers said there was never any doubt that the Lancers would come back bigger and better after a suspected arsonist set fire to a wing of the school.

“The faith gets you through things like that. We look to God, we gather together in prayer, and it’s a huge factor in getting through any kind of challenge faced by the community,” she said.

Her daughter, Tavyn Rogers, is a senior who was affected by the fire.

“We found out that it burned the entire English building and part of our other large building,” Tavyn said. “So it was just like a shock if we had school or if we were going to miss school and stuff like that.”

More than $4 million was raised for the new building, which will include 11 new classrooms and a wellness center equipped with a kitchen and meditation room. The total project cost is $7.7 million.

Legacy Coordinator James Flannery said it’s a testament to the Salpointe family.

“Days after the tragedy, alumni and members of the community stepped forward with donations.”

Classes in the new building will commence in the spring of 2025.

While high school may be in the rear-view mirror for seniors like Tavyn, she’s excited to come back and check it out.