It doesnt matter where you startits how you finish.

Thats the mindset of one 16-year-old 4X state champion. That 16-year-old is Salpointe sophomore Taliyah Henderson.

Thats the mentality I have to have for both track and basketball, says Henderson.

A multi-sport standout scoring 34 points to help Girls Track win the 2022 State Championship title, as well as playing an integral role in bringing home Salpointes first championship title in Girls Basketball.

Having to wake up at five oclock in the morning, go through three workouts or going through the hard thingsI just kind of keep that in mind.

Growing up with parents who each played Division I sports in college, Henderson lived with two examples of what it took to succeed in pursuing higher-level athletics.

Ive always had a ball in my hand.

Henderson finally began to see her full potential when making the Girls Basketball A-Team, consisting of the top-performing players in sixth grade.

We went to this one tournament that I think… Changed my life for basketball, and maybe I can do this like the people on TV, said Henderson.

Aside from her parents, Henderson grew up with legendary role models like Kobe Bryant.

I listen to his interviews, so I can, in a sense, pick his braineven though hes not herejust to understand his mentality.

She says the same goes for some of the current greats like Candace Parker, Diamond Miller, Angel Reese, and Caitlin Clark.

Just picking their brains, listening to interviews, listening to what they do, what they practice, and saying like, hey, I can be there too, and thats kind of just my motivation with all of this.

While Henderson continues to dominate Salpointe athletics, her future goals remind her why she is working so hard now.

I want to go to a power five college. I want to win a national championship. I want to go play for either country’s team, USA or Canada. Those are my goals.