For over 40 years, The Salvation Army has been a beacon of generosity, providing free Thanksgiving meals to those in need. Throughout the week, dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly prepared and served over 500 meals, embodying the spirit of giving on this day of thanks.

Salvation Army City Coordinator Christopher Kim expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to contribute: “I feel blessed that I get to do this, and this is a chance for me to give back,” he said.

Kim emphasized the community-driven nature of the event, highlighting that it is not just a meal for the homeless but a gathering open to everyone.

“Its a free meal, its a community meal, and we’re able to just say ‘Hey, heres a meal, come on out,’ and this is volunteer-run, volunteer-driven,” added Kim.

Head Chef Max Maxwell, whose culinary background includes assisting people in hospitals and assisted-living facilities, spoke passionately about his commitment to helping the homeless. “Coming from a background of helping people with my food, I mean I used to work in a hospital and assisted-living facility, so my next move is to only help the homeless people.”

The Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving event was not merely a meal but a community celebration, featuring music, performers and an abundance of pie. Volunteers, like Guadalupe Willerup, reflected on the true essence of Thanksgiving, stating, “This is what Thanksgiving is about, and I feel like all year long we are blessed to have the food on our table, and if we can give up one day to serve others, thats all were here for.”

The extensive preparation for this heartfelt event involved five days of crafting a homemade meal from scratch, showcasing the dedication and commitment of the Salvation Army members and volunteers to make Thanksgiving special for the entire community.