The Southern Arizona Rescue Association responded to two hiker rescues on Saturday June 10.

At around 2 PM, SARA was notified of an overheated adult-male hiker on Linda Vista trail. He was flown out by a DPS helicopter.

Shortly after at around 2:20 PM, a call came in about an adult-female injured hiker. She was hiking at Seven Falls and fell. She was also flown out by a DPS hiker.

SARA recommends hikers bring a sufficient amount of water with at least half of the water supply for the hike back. The symptoms of overheating can become serious quickly.

Hikers should be aware of any feelings of dizziness, confusion, nausea, a headache, or a higher body temperature. Some ways to help cool off can be to insert feet in water, soak a hat or clothes with water, or to simply drink water.