Whats a better way to spread love this Valentines Day than by donating blood.

The Sarver Heart Center at the University of Arizona hosted their first ever blood drive in partnership with the American Red Cross.

A single pint of blood can save up to three lives, Sarvers goal is to collect 34 pints.

Meaning 102 total lives could be saved if they reach their goal.

Cara Deery, program manager, says they want to instill the importance of donating blood to students and others.

We know that community is a lifeline and by contributing to your community you are fortifying those support nets, those safety nets for all of us to live a healthier and safer life,” Deery said.

The U of As Emergency Medical Services offered Stop the Bleed training.

Callan Taylor, student and EMT says this helps teach others how to be a responder and not a witness to bleeding injuries.

Your big thing is going to be just getting pressure on that wound with whatever you have,” says Taylor. “If thats gauze, if thats the sleeve of your shirt, whatever it is, getting pressure on that is gonna be the very first and most important step in stopping life-threatening bleeding.

I spoke to Josh Udovich at the blood drive and learned he is no stranger to the donor process, saying hes given about 40-50 pints of blood throughout his life.

I have donated my time and Ive donated energy and Ive donated money over the years. This is just another way to give back is through donating blood, which is hopefully a way that I can save lives and make a difference on those who need it,” Udovich said, further showing how important it is that he supports the community he lives in especially during American Heart Month.