When Cambria Prigan moved to Tucson from California, she had some family here, but she wanted friends.

As a “stay-at-home dog mom,” Prigan says she turned online to find friendship.

I saw all these women on different Facebook groups introducing themselves and saying hey call me if we have anything in common,” she said. “But the truth is, everybody wants an invitation.

So, she made a way for women of all ages and lifestyles to invite each other to events through a Facebook group, ‘Sassy Saguaros.’ The women can create events on the app, inviting a group of 913 (and growing) ladies looking for friends to join them.

Jana Krebs and Susan Wolff met through a Sassy Saguaros event. They’ve been friends for almost a year now, but the two say it feels like it’s been a lifetime.

Wolff even invited Krebs to spend Thanksgiving with her.

Last year I was going to be by myself [for Thanksgiving], and she was so nice and invited me over to be with her family,” Kerbs said, gesturing to Wolff beside her. “Ive met her whole family, shes met my family, our daughters have met.

Friendship is more than just something a person may want, research by a University of Arizona professor of practice says three or four close friendships are actually necessary to living a happier, more fulfilled life.

We are wired for connections,” Marcela Kepi said. She’s working as a professor of practice at the University of Arizona where she focuses on trauma and human relationships.

“We cannot survive isolated. Thinking about the hierarchy of needs, yes theres a need for air, water, food, sleep and shelter, but when all of that is met, theres that need for connection being connected to someone and when we are connected, thats where the meaning and fulfillment comes in.

Prigan said she’s been told her group has helped women with their mental health, and it has helped her too.

I will tell you my life has been fuller because of the group,” she said. “Ive heard a lot of people say things like youve really helped me with my mental health’ or ‘before I found this group, I had no friends’.