The search continues to find a missing 23-year-old Tortoise, originally from Arizona, in Port Washington.

The owner is doing everything in her power to find her pet Gus.

“My best friend and I we’d catch plenty of turtles out in the paddle boats l’d bring them home.” Gus’s owner Brittany Hudson shared.

Brittany Hudson was 20 years old when she bought Augusta, also known as ‘Gus’ from a man in Arizona.

“She was only this big smaller than a dollar bill,” Hudson remembered.

Friday afternoon, Hudson realized the 25-pound red-footed tortoise escaped from her backyard.

“She has like a half of a dog cage that she crawls in and hides and kind of made her way around that and pushed open the fence somehow and got out,” Hudson said.

Gus has a black shell with yellow spots and her head and front legs are a bit yellow with red spots.

“We actually alerted the Washington Police Department the Ozaukee humane society,” shared Hudson.

She’s also taken to social media to alert the community, warning that this species cannot swim, they are only adapted to land.

Apparently, Gus is also notorious for hiding in dark places.