The search is on for two missing park benches in Midtown.

They were made and placed by Tucsonans as part of the Himmel Park beautification project.

There were five, but now only three remain.

Denice Blake was part of the original project, and discovered the missing benches after playing tennis.

“I couldnt believe it,” Blake said. “Couldnt figure out how someone could have stolen them or why.

She says she doesnt want anyone to get in trouble, just for the benches returned for the public to enjoy.

We didnt imagine someone would want them. They dont really have commercial value, but they have a lot of value to those of us who did the project, the donors and everyone who enjoys just sitting,” Blake added.

If you spot one of the missing park bench tops around town, you’re encouraged to get in touch with Ward 6 Councilmember Steve Kozachiks office.

Their email is, and phone number is (520) 791-4601.