The 2024 general election is just a year away.

Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2024.

In Arizona there could be a three horse race for Senator Kyrsten Sinemas seat.

On the Republican side, former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is the front-runner.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb is also running as a Republican.

The now Independent Sen. Sinema has not announced her candidacy yet.

For the Democrats, Congressman Ruben Gallego launched his campaign soon after Sinema announced she was leaving the Democratic party.

He is their presumptive nominee and visited Tucson on Saturday.

Were meeting with voters; Tucson is the only main pathway for Democrats to win,” Gallego declared.

Gallego says he continually hears from voters about their concerns dealing with immigration. However, he says he disagrees with Lake’s view of an invasion at the southern border.

The fact that she calls that area of the border controlled by cartels, calls it dangerous. I was just there. Its not as dangerous as any other part of the state,” Gallego asserted.

But he does claim President Joe Biden and his administration have not properly supported Arizona’s border communities during the current crisis.

I was disappointed [with] the federal government,” Gallego explained. “We have been able to get reimbursed for some of the work they have done with the chaos of all of the asylum seekers coming over the border. But I have been very clear with FEMA that they’re letting Southern Arizona down.”

Inflation has cooled slightly, but many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet.

Gallego believes supporting workers and increasing child tax credits may help ease financial stress for Arizona families.

I understand the feeling of right now, Im not getting by,” Gallego said.

Sen. Sinema has not supported ending the filibuster in the Senate. Gallego believes getting rid of it will help democrats get their legislation passed.

The filibuster for one is written nowhere in the constitution,” Gallego said. “I dont think an arbitrary rule should stop women from having abortion rights.

Recent polls have shown Americans are not happy with the direction of the country under President Biden.

The New York Times reported Former President Donald Trump has a five point lead in Arizona. A Gallup poll recently showed Biden’s approval rating at 37%.

Regardless, Gallego believes these numbers won’t hurt his chances at winning the Arizona Senate race.

We are running a very strong campaign. Our polling has us in first place,” Gallego said. “It doesnt matter whos on the ticket; were going to be fine.