Its been nearly two weeks since Title 42 lifted.

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Oklahoma Senator James Lankford took a border tour near the DeConcini Port of Entry in Nogales, Ariz. on Wednesday.

Sen. Sinema and Sen. Lankford highlighted their conversations with CBP agents at a press conference.

They said theyre hearing from the agents that theyre spending too much time processing migrants and asylum seekers instead of working out in the field.

What we learned today is that our border patrol agents don’t have the manpower to actually go and catch the movement of that drugs effectively, because their resources are being pulled away to do processing for applications for asylum, which to be clear, is not their mission and not their job, said Sen. Sinema.

When asked if the solution is to hire more agents, Sen. Sinema said the solution must be multi-pronged.

They also need additional fencing to close the gaps that exist. And they need more technology so they can have cameras and detection on the ground, more cameras so they can have situational awareness, we have several miles of border that have no road so migrants can just run through that, said Sen. Sinema.

Both lawmakers discussed the need for the asylum process to change.

The asylum piece is a very significant part about this, getting clear definitions, who qualifies who does not qualify and actually getting their hearings faster, said Sen. Lankford.

They said there needs to be a more orderly pathway for asylum seekers, otherwise CBP agents are overwhelmed.

The two senators also brought up the concern of not enough background checks for migrants entering into the U.S.

For most of these individuals, we don’t know what their criminal background is. And so many of these folks are being released into the interior and we don’t know if these are good guys or bad guys. That’s one of the challenges that we’re facing. And it’s something we heard as a stress point for the agents that we’ve talked with today, said Sen. Sinema.