Senator Kyrsten Sinema was appointed to the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

The committee writes legislation giving federal money to government agencies every year.

“It’s my goal to ensure the dollars we send to D.C. come back to Arizona, to Tucson, and Pima County in the form of services and projects,” Sinema said. “Like improving roads, cleaning up waterways, and that our air is clean.”

She says she is excited to be appointed.

The last Arizona Senator to serve on the committee was Jon Kyl in 2001.

Sinema adds as budgets increase at the Federal level, she hopes to make sure to cut down on waste and keep spending lean.

“A lot of the spending that occurs in the federal budget can be reduced by being more efficient and prioritizing, just like Arizonans do with their own family budget,” Sinema said.

Sinema says funding for border issues, Davis-Monthan Air Force base, and Arizona’s water security need to be addressed at the federal level.



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