The Southeastern Arizona DUI Task Force arrested seven people for DUI as part of a saturation detail during Rex Allen Days in the Willcox region on Oct. 7.

The Sierra Vista Police Department, Willcox Police Department, Douglas Police Department and Bisbee Police Department participated.

There were 49 traffic stops or interactions, seven designated drivers, two civil speed tickets, two regular DUI misdemeanor arrests, two extreme DUI misdemeanor arrests and three drug-related DUI misdemeanor arrests as an outcome.

The average blood alcohol content arrests for three of the four alcohol-related arrests was 0.164, which was twice the legal limit of 0.08. The three drug-related arrests and the remaining alcohol-related arrests required blood draws.

“With the continuous support from the Arizona Governors Office of Highway Safety, the Sierra Vista Police Department reminds drivers that if you choose to drive hammered, you will get nailed. Get a designated driver, not a DUI!”